How to Etch Your Name in the History?

18 Apr 2022 09:36 PM By GreenGuava

Traditionally, Screen Printing has been used for printing on Denture Boxes but there could be many issues with screen printing such as text wiping off after few days of patient's using it. And if screen ink is not dried properly, it tends to spread throughout the surface of the box, rendering its looks very shoddy. Also for screen printing a chemical based ink needs to be used

To arrest this problem, Green Guava has introduced Laser engraving on Denture Boxes and Retainer boxes, a first of its kind in the dental industry.

Green Guava Denture Box Printing

What’s New?

It’s ETCHING! Now No more Shoddy printing :)

Why choose us?

Because, now your Denture Boxes and Retainer Boxes come with name/logo engraved on them using our State-of-the-art, in-house Laser-Printing machine.

What is Laser Printing?

Laser marking technology is widely used in printing field in recently. Laser marking can be applied to several materials like plastic, metal and rubber etc.

Unlike traditional engraving methods like screen printing i.e., chemical ink-oil printing used earlier, Laser marking has following advantages-

· High flexibility: As it can be controlled by a computer system attached to it.

· Permanence: The mark piece or the matter printed by Laser is permanent.

· Anti-counterfeiting: The matter which is engraved by Laser marking technology cannot be forged or changed easily with strong anti-counterfeiting to certain extent.

· High Processing efficiency: Laser beam controlled by computer can be moved with high speed and marking can be finished within several seconds

How to place order for Denture box ?

Step 1: Select color and quantity

You can now pick color of your choice from Green Guava’s color options for Denture and Retainer Box.

*NoteThe lighter the color, higher the visibility of matter, you may see some of the color options in the image below

Step 2: Provide the content like Name, Logo, Contact Details to be printed on Denture box/Retainer Box.

Logo needs to be in .cdr format (as .jpg and .png logo formats tend to get blurred during printing process)

*Note-Lesser the printing matter, higher will be the quality for printing resulting in sharp, clear and legible logos.

Also, the matter printed using laser marking technology will not be as dark as screen printing, it will be quite greyish and the matter printed by laser will be permanently marked.

How to get best printing results?

The simple thumb rule to follow is...Lesser the content - better the print!

First of all it is important to understand why do we go for denture box or retainer box printing- the obvious answer is that its a way of marketing, the patient takes the box home, and when in need they can just refer to the box and come back to the doctor, or it may also influence other family members to visit doctor when in need for dental consultation

Now that the purpose of printing is clear, let's understand that what information patients look for while contacting the doctor? Now a days they google just by using Doctor's name or Clinic's name or they call the doctor on the mobile number

So let us consolidate these requirement of patient again and it will answer the question of what should be printed on a denture or retainer box

What should you print on your box?

1) Doctor's Name

2) Clinic Name

3) Contact Number (one)

4) Area Name of your Address 

That's it! this is what is actually needed, if we go for address and other details, it may clutter the printing making the name & number look even smaller and difficult to read for the patients. Also, from our experience, patients these days don't look for an address but google you out! 

This critical information once etched on the denture or retainer box will be there forever!

So what are you waiting for?

Go ahead & Etch your name in the history!

Happy Engraving!

Get your Laser-printed box here


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